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| SEW Eurodrive Gearboxes

NET can offer a full and complete repair and sales service for all SEW Eurodrive Geared Motors both fixed and variable speed.

sew Eurodrive geared motor repair
SEW gearboxes

SEW Eurodrive offer a wide range of industrial geared motors including inline, parallel inline helical worm and helical bevel. These are all complimented with their selection of Inverters and Drives with AC / DC Servo Drive Technology. Integral and IEC motors, Linear and Servo Motors.

We can repair all current and obsolete models using either genuine SEW parts or we can manufacture components such as gears and shafts etc. in our own fully equipped machine and gear cutting department.

Over the years SEW like other manufacturers have developed and specialised in mechanical variable speed drives. SEW have produced Belt Drive and a Friction Carbon Disc Drives. Although these are getting harder to get hold of, because new units on a short lead time, we can repair and service all types of variable speed and have extensive knowledge and experience in both types.

Spare parts for the VARIBLOC and VARIMOT can still be purchased which gives us the opportunity to offer a full and comprehensive repair service to overhaul or repair.